Welcome to The Stack Deli and Grill


Coffee: small 10oz. $1.45/ large 160z. $1.75 Tea: small 10oz.  $1.45

The Stack Special: 2 eggs, hash brown and toast  $3.99

Add bacon or sausage $4.75

Bagel with Butter $1.50 Bagel with Cream Cheese $1.75

Egg Sandwiches ( roll or bagel)

1 egg $2.25 1 egg w/ bacon $2.75 1 egg w/ bacon & cheese $3.25

2 eggs $2.75 2 eggs w/ cheese $ 3.25 2 eggs w/ cheese and bacon $3.75

Breakfast Burrito: 2 eggs, bacon, hash brown and cheese on a wrap $4.75

On the light side: 2 egg whites, turkey sausage on a wrap 3.75 / add cheese $4.25

The Stack of pancakes: 4 pancakes with homemade cinnamon butter $5.25 / add bacon $5.95

Assorted Muffins: $2.25 Danish: $2.50 Crumb Cake: $2.75


Chicken Fingers: 5pcs $5.75

Mozzarella Sticks: 4 pcs $4.50

Wings: 6pcs  bbq/buffalo/plain $5.50

French Fries:  small $2.95 / large $4.25

Loaded Fries: cheddar cheese, bacon and ranch dressing $ 4.75

Cheesy Fries: mozzarella cheese and brown gravy  $4.50

Onion Rings: small $2.95/ large $4.25

Soup of the day:

Homemade Potato Salad:

Homemade Macaroni Salad:

From the grill:

Add lettuce/ tomato .50 extra

Hamburger $4.25

Cheeseburger $4.50

Bacon cheeseburger $5.00

Double cheeseburger $5.75

Add fries or onion rings  $2.50

The Signature Stack Deluxe: cheeseburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles,

stack sauce and a side of french fries $7.50



Soda (20oz bottle) choose your flavor $1.79 Vitamin Water $1.79

Smart Water $1.79 Red Bull 8.4oz $1.75 Naked Juice 15.2oz Tropicana 12oz



Add lettuce/ tomato .50 extra

Tuna Salad: slice bread $4.75 / roll $5.75 / hero $6.75

Chicken Salad: slice bread $4.75 / roll $5.75 / hero $6.75

Grilled Cheese: slice bread $3.50 / add bacon $4.25

BLT: bacon, lettuce, tomato / slice bread $3.75 / roll $4.50 / hero $5.50


Specialty Sandwiches:

rye/white $6.25 roll $6.50 hero $8.25

The Stack: chicken cutlet, ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and stack sauce

Italian: prosciutto, hot capocollo, ham, mortadella, salami, provolone cheese, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar on semolina bread

American: ham, turkey, roast beef, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo or mustard

Reuben: corned beef, melted swiss, sauerkraut and Russian dressing

The King: pastrami, swiss cheese, coleslaw, pickles and mustard

The Jeanie: grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe, roasted peppers and balsamic glaze

Anna’thing: stack up 4 items to create your own

The Drama: chicken cutlet, bacon, french fries, american cheese, lettuce ketchup and mayo

The Patriot: chicken cutlet, american cheese, brown gravy, mayo, salt and pepper

The R.O.T.C: roast beef, melted mozzarella and brown gravy

The Terrier: chicken cutlet, muenster cheese, bacon, tomato and spicy ranch dressing


Wrap it up: $7.25

your choice of regular or whole wheat wrap

– Ham, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo

– Chipotle chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo

– Chicken cutlet, bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and spicy ranch dressing

– Salami, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard

– Turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard

– Roast beef, mozzarella cheese, brown gravy and horseradish mayo

– Chicken Caesar salad wrap


Signature Panini: $8.25

The RN: roast beef garlic melt, with provolone cheese, sautéed onions on garlic bread

Thanksgiving: turkey, provolone cheese, stuffing, brown gravy and cranberry spread

Antipasto: prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, bruschetta, black olives, balsamic vinegar and oil

Hot Tamale: grilled chicken, hot capocollo, pepper jack cheese, jalapeño peppers, vinegar and oil

The Florio: chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, balsamic vinegar and oil

Caprese: fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic glaze and oil

Napoli: grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato, baby arugula and pesto mayo

The Vegetarian: mozzarella, broccoli rabe, tomato, roasted peppers, balsamic vinegar and oil

Fig’yours: prosciutto, provolone cheese, baby arugula and fig spread

The Ooey-Gooey: caramelized chocolate, banana and marshmallow spread